About Us

Our Mission and Commitment to You

  • To maintain and upgrade our knowledge continually in all aspects of income tax preparation, tax planning and financial management and to treat statutory educational requirements as a minimum;
  • To make every effort to obtain information and an understanding of all that affects your economic or financial situation, goals and views;
  • To provide you with the full resources you would expect from a “large” accounting firm while maintaining that personal touch. We strive to offer innovative ideas and problem solving abilities to enhance and broaden your personal and business success;
  • To respect your point of view, while assisting you to make informed decisions;
  • To keep our relationship strictly confidential in accordance with our privacy policy;
  • To provide you with the highest standards of work ethic with integrity, professionalism, reliability and courtesy; and
  • To act as an advocate of your rights as a taxpayer by assuring you that you pay only the minimum tax you are legally entitled to.

Staff Profiles

Sherry Whah, EA

Sherry has more than thirty years of experience in the accounting field, including six years in the banking industry working in the accounting and auditing areas in Alaska. She completed courses from the University of Alaska and University of Maine at Presque Isle completing her accounting degree. She has owned and operated her own accounting and tax firm since 1978 beginning in New York State and moving it to Alaska in 1983. When her former company disbanded in 2010, she opened her current company, Sherry Whah & Associates LLC and with a team of 7 to 10 employees providing bookkeeping, payroll, and account management services to include income tax preparation for individuals, small business, corporations and non profits. Her services include small business consulting and IRS representation for taxpayer who are in controversy with the IRS.

Sherry teaches tax and record keeping classes for the University of Alaska Small Business Development Center, the Internal Revenue Service, and the National and State Associations of Tax Consultants and the Alaska Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP). In addition, she is a regular instructor/teacher for the military day care programs and the Alaska Family Child Care Society and Child Care Connection (a Municipality of Anchorage program). She is a certified instructor with her certification from the IRS teaching complex tax law with explanation and evaluation of tax matters to other tax professionals.

She is the past president of the National Association of Tax Consultants and the Alaska Association of Tax Consultants. She is currently the President of the National Association of Tax Professionals, AK Chapter (NATP, Alaska Chapter formed in December 2012). Sherry is a Forum Member of the local IRS Forum on Ethics and the Alaska Tax Practitioner Forum. Early in 1996, she was appointed as a Forum Member for the Ogden Service Center’s Tax Practitioner Forum. She was one of five nationwide appointed to act as a liaison between tax practitioners and the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, while in this position, she was relied upon to communicate effectively with suggestions to improve communication and problem resolution.

Sherry received a Congressional appointment to the Taxpayers’ Advocacy Panel in 2002, serving for more than four years. She was one of over 100 citizens representing taxpayers. The Advocacy Panel empowers individuals, small businesses, and other federal taxpayers by providing an open, responsive forum for identifying problems, prioritizing concerns, making recommendations, facilitating positive ongoing change, and improving service within the IRS. She served as Chairman of several committees in that program.

Sherry has sat on various non-profit boards and currently is the President elect for Assistance Resources of Alaska (ARA) which is also a sponsor for the annual Volunteer Income Tax Preparation Site (VITA) held for the past 26 years on April 15th to assist those taxpayers who assistance would be out of their reach due to economic or other hardship including the military and elderly programs.

In her spare time, Sherry is found working at her church in the Religious Education Program for the children, assisting with various programs offered by the church to include her favorite pastime of cooking. She is rumored to be Mother to many and Grandmother to more, as often being called “Mom” by her staff and clients as well. She is currently researching the many log cabins of Anchorage to complete a fictional series of short stories on the cabins and their original (eccentric) owners.

Christine Dixon-Office Administrator

Christine joined our team in May of 2009 as a Notary Public, Office Administrator and Billing Specialist. She comes with a wealth of experience from the customer service field, including the legal industry, which assists in the corporate management of the company. Her previous experience of owning her own business adds to that expertise and knowledge in handling a small tax and accounting business. She is responsible for ensuring smooth operations within the company while upholding its mission and vision and adhering to its set standards and professionalism.

Daisy Mendoza-Records Administrator

Daisy began her employment with our company in June of 2011, working as our Records Administrator. Her expertise in attention to detail covers a multitude of activities. She determines which records will be created, gathered, and maintained, and assists in producing records for audit and other purposes. She works closely and proactively with our tax preparers, data input technicians, and the scanning technician to ensure that our client records are managed and protected in order to facilitate a quick and accurate processing of all work. In addition to her primary duty, she assists in the support of many administrative functions within the office to assure accuracy and professionalism.

Caitlin Davis-Tax Preparer

Caitlin began working with us early on as a teenager and began full time in May of 2012 when she completed her Bachelors of Applied Science Degree, specializing in Healthcare Administration. She is responsible for the income tax preparation for individuals and businesses, as well as interviewing clients to complete the organizer and review. Her IT knowledge and expertise has us leaning on her for computer issues. Her work also includes payroll. She regularly identifies potential tax credits and deductions as she ensures accurate and complete returns are filed in a timely manner.

Lori Wake-Tax Manager/Preparer

Lori’s history dates back to 2008. She brings with her a wealth of experience of owning her own business and work experience in the insurance industry. Her primary task as our Tax Manager is to lead and manage multiple tax engagements to deliver quality tax services for our clients. She is in charge of the preparation and review of all federal and state income taxes, to include individual and business returns. Her extended knowledge of QuickBooks and accounting assures our business clients’ records are accurate and updated accordingly with year-end adjustments.

Lori manages our year-end processing of organizers to be sent out annually. She also manages the payroll programs for the accounting department.

Ruth Dablemont-Bookkeeper

Ruth joined our group in April of 2014. Her employment experience in bookkeeping tasks dates back to 1989. Her experience in owning her own business brings great customer service skills when it comes to meeting with our clients. Ruth’s work consists of working with QuickBooks and maintaining accounts, paying bills, preparing financial statements and reports to include the profit and loss statements and balance sheets. She also prepares EFTPS payments for our payroll clients.

Martika D. Gutierrez-Office Assistant

Martika has been with us since July of 2015 as our Scanning Technician and office assistant. Her main task is to produce digital copies of documents for retention purposes. She makes any adjustments necessary to assure high quality scans. Her attention to detail, as well as her organizational skills, helps maintain our databases at a high standard. She also provides clerical support to all staff members to maintain an efficient office environment.
As a Scanning Technician, Martika scans in documents that clients provide to office, reviews scanned document to ensure clarity of image, organizes the client folders in the directory & adds subfolders as needed. As an Office Assistant, Martika processes Power of Attorneys to the IRS, and assists the tax staff as needed.  In addition, she performs office errands, such as: post- office check-ins, bank deposits, copies documents, encrypts documents with a password for security, and any errands involving client-information drop-off. As a Data Input Specialist, Martika performs data input of client’s presented  tax information into Tax Return filing software and determines missing information. As an Info Hold Reviewer, Martika confirms accuracy of Missing Data Report & updates as needed, contacts client to request information & timeline of information drop-off. If needed, Martika will schedule a follow-up on her calendar to check-in with client.